Air Conditioning Service

What to know about your automobile’s air conditioning


As the sun starts to come bearing down on us all in earnest this summer, the one thing absolutely none of us would appreciate is our car’s air conditioning failing. To avoid the discomfort and inconvenience of a faulty air-con unit in your vehicle, you should be sure to book it in to be serviced regularly. But how often should you get your car’s air-con checked? In the first of this month’s articles, we’ll be addressing just that.

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A Regular Service

Every two years, you should book your car in to have its air-con serviced. During the service, the mechanic will replenish liquids used by the system and ensure that everything is in full working order. It is very important that you have your air-con serviced regularly because in a year your system will leak 10% of the air conditioning gases in the system, compromising it. A service will rectify any faults in your air conditioning or fill depleted stores of gases and lubricants.

What You Can Expect From an Air Conditioning Service

TireXpress offers a comprehensive air conditioning service that includes:

– Replenishing refrigerant and oils to the manufacturer’s recommended levels

– The expelling of air and moisture from the system

– A check of the system as a whole for things such as leaks

– Ensuring the temperature output is correct

– Cleaning the air-con, if necessary, to eliminate odors

What If My Air-Con Needs to Be Fixed?

If a major fault is spotted during a service, you will need to book it in to be repaired. A service is for systems in relatively good condition – repairs will need to be carried out separately. You will be notified before any repair work is carried out as it may incur extra costs, which you would need to green light.